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The subsidy contract for the project “Promotion of rural and mountain tourism between Bulgaria and Macedonia” was signed on May 25, 2011. The implementation of the project lasts for 1 year. It will end on May 25, 2012.

The project aims to build a model to increase the attractiveness of the region by stimulating the flow of public and private investment. In this sense, the globalization of today’s markets opens new prospects for less developed regions, but it is necessary to increase their reputation. Impact is also expected in increasing the flexibility of the local economic system, encouraging local entrepreneurship.

Cross-border impact can be expressed in several major improvements: (1) Clarified business opportunities at local level; (2) improving cross-border public transport links; (3) networking between tourist operators in the project area; (4) development of a common tourist product; (4) tourism events within the scope of the project will enable the establishment of direct contacts between operators; (5) the project will contribute to the creation of new professionals in the field of tourism; (6) the promotion of the region as a whole will bring greater attractiveness.