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It is a CONSEQUENCES of the Executive of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry that the business should have its own legitimate public representative in every municipality in the Blagoevgrad region to speak on its behalf, to partner with state and municipal administrations, to support every reasonable policy, leading to an increase in the standard of living of the people in the respective municipality, as well as a new quality of human labor resources.

The establishment of the Municipal Business Representations at Blagoevgrad Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a test for the ability of regional business to organize itself in a more democratic and modern format through which to make public and informal contacts with the state and municipal administrative structures, and to protect the interests of small and medium-sized businesses in the relevant municipality much more actively.

The priority tasks of the Chamber’s municipal business representations:

  • To unite the efforts of entrepreneurs from the respective municipality to solve topical problems related to its economic and social development;
  • Providing employers with wider and more authoritative institutional representation before municipal and state institutions;
  • Expanding fruitful partnerships between business and local municipalities in the preparation of programs related to the financial stability of the municipal economy and the development of the available economic and staff resources in the region of the municipality;
  • Offering expert opinions on issues related to the social and economic development of the municipality;
  • Ensure ongoing information exchange between companies, business representatives and companies that support its public affairs;
  • Generating concrete ideas, suggestions and solutions that would provide more optimal formatting of municipal financial, economic and social policy;
  • Participation of business representatives in public events and initiatives – such as: the Tripartite Cooperation Council, the Municipal Council for Safe Working Conditions, the Regional Employment Council, the Public Procurement Commission, etc .;
  • Protecting entrepreneurship from attempts to eliminate it as a factor in the socio-economic life of the municipality;
  • Attracting new companies for members of the Municipal Business Representation at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Blagoevgrad. “;



Any legal entity that is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry can become a member of the municipal business representation in the region where its main production activity is positioned. There is only one request to the chair of the local business office. The rest is the concern of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Since 2007, with the creation of part of the municipal centers of the area of the municipal business offices of the Court, the members of the Management Board were also entitled to their members:

инж. Живко СУЧЕВ, управител на “Високоговорители” АД”;

GSM: 0888 619 829
тел.: 073/88 42 82, 073/88 42 95

Костадин ЛЕВЕНОВ, управител на LES COMERCE”;

GSM: 0897 803 838
тел.: 0747/8 01 70

Николай ТОМОВ, главен управител на Интерхотел Сандански;

GSM: 0889 503 087

Пламен САПУНДЖИЕВ, управител на АЛТКО – ЕООД

GSM: 0888 534 450
тел.: 0743/20 41, 02/978 44 14
e-mail: alt_ko

Петър ТАБАКОВ, управител на “ТАБАКОВ & KO”;

GSM: 0887 946 555
тел.: 02/962 14 85, 02/962 18 10

Марио ЛАЗАРОВ, управител на фирма “Марио Лазаров”;

GSM: 0887 776 636

Ивайло ЧЕРКЕЗОВ, управител на фирма “ЧЕРКЕЗОВ” ООД”

GSM: 0888 300 091
тел.: 0734/84 88

Ангел БЕЗЕВ, управител на фирма “”

GSM: 0889 534 424

Иван ШКЕВОВ, управител на “Илинденски мрамор”

GSM: 0888 619 829

Юлия ГРИГОРОВА, административен директор на “КОС АЛФА” ООД”;

GSM: 0887 629 542