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National Call for Proposals under KD2, “Strategic Partnerships for the Exchange of Good Practices”, Youth Sector

Deadline for application 15 February 2018, 13:00 Bulgarian time.

The text of the invitation is available here.

You will find all the necessary documents as a link to the call for proposals.

Depending on the objectives of the Strategic Partnership, the project proposals are divided into two types:

• Strategic partnerships to support innovation

Projects aimed at developing intellectual products and / or disseminating innovative or existing innovative ideas. Candidates in this type of Strategic Partnership will have the opportunity to apply for all possible budget items that are valid for the activity.

• Strategic partnerships for the exchange of good practices

The main objective of this type of project is to enable organizations to develop and strengthen their capacity to enhance their ability to work internationally by sharing ideas, methods and good practices. In this type of project, the budget items Intellectual Products and Dissemination Events are eliminated. Strategic partnerships for exchange of good practice can also create end products, and funding for them as well as dissemination of project outcomes will be done through the Budget “Project Management and Implementation”.

In 2018. the calls for proposals for the relevant type of Strategic Partnerships, Youth Sector, are distributed as follows:

February 15, 2018 – Call for proposals for “Strategic partnerships for exchange of good practice”

• April 26, 2018 – Call for proposals for “Strategic Partnerships to Support Innovation”

• October 4, 2018 – Call for proposals for “Strategic partnerships for exchange of good practice”