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About Us

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Blagoevgrad is a non-profit-making legal entity for private benefit, which carries out its main activity in compliance with the statutory instruments and the provisions laid down in its Statute. It was established in 1992 by decision № … of the Blagoevgrad District Court.

The Chamber:

  • assists, promotes, represents and defends the economic interests of its members;
  • participates as an employers’ organization in the tripartite cooperation in compliance with the normative conditions as well as in other state-public or public bodies and organizations where it presents to the competent state and municipal administrative bodies a concerted opinion of its members on the discussed normative acts and decisions for economic activity;
  • establishes contractual relations between companies from the Blagoevgrad region with potential foreign partners from Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, etc.;
  • promotes abroad opportunities for Bulgarian companies to participate in the international division of labor;
  • organizes centers for economic and technical information and takes part in the work of foreign centers;
  • consults the marketing, advertising and other activities of their company members. In carrying out its tasks, the Court interacts with the competent state bodies and organizations;
  • works for the establishment of its municipal structures / business representations / in the municipalities from the territory of the district;

Blagoevgrad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as part of the structure of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), is fully integrated into the system of the Chambers of Commerce in the EU.