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Business collaboration offers

Through this part of the site, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry offers you the potential to find a market for your goods or services, to find new business partners, to expand your production and ultimately to win. We present here some of the offers of Bulgarian and foreign companies. To open your bid, you should contact the Chamber of Commerce and Industry through one of the addresses listed on the contact page and register your wish to open it. The opening price is 7.50 leva. If you want the Court’s experts to translate the offer into Bulgarian and do the relevant research for the items you are interested in: prices, quantities, execution times, payment method, transport, etc., you must report this in advance -mail address. The cost of an entire study procedural service – from the opening of the offer to the answers to the questions you ask – is 100 leva.

Take a look at the collaborative offerings of our partners here
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Form for business offers
Find new business partners and expand your production.